and play!

Play with your children
every day for at least 30 minutes.
Stimulate their natural creativity.
This will boost
their development and self-esteem.



Very Good is the other name of our brand. Good choice. Good work. These words empower. The message is: you can make it! You’re doing great! We feel that way as growers and as parents. Positive motivation is the foundation of our success.

We want to encourage creativity, stimulate adaptability and creative synthesis.

Creativity is the most important tool we can give our children. Creativity is not reserved for the chosen few. Children are born creative geniuses. This we must recognize and nurture, both at school and at home. Children experience the world in many ways: visually, through sound, kinetically and abstractly. As parents, we should appreciate their unconventional thinking, curiosity, the never-ending questions, willingness to experiment and the wonderful ability to feel the sense of wonderment. We should rejoice in their improvisation rather than thwart it. Praise and then praise some more! We want our brand to draw attention to kids’ potential.

Childhood is the most important part of life. It is vital to make the most of it. We help our children develop the basis for emotional competence, the sense of self-worth, and of agency. Their young minds go into overdrive, they are learning logic, comparing conflicting opinions and practicing the power of persuasion. Curiosity emerges, followed by the joy of learning new things and seeing their own creativity. They find pleasure in inventing, getting things their way, defending their opinions. Youngsters achieve independence and test its boundaries (that is, they “misbehave”).

The key to success are the mental challenges we pose to them. Talking about problems, the so-called anticipatory behaviour – practicing for the future (e.g. saying we are reading a book while only leafing through one, etc.); encouraging them to ask questions, construct arguments, consider opposing views, and defend their opinions. As parents we have to model the interest in our surroundings. What other way is there to stimulate cognitive appetite? We have to talk with charisma and passion, using new vocabulary. Appreciate both the surprise and the reasoning.

Our job is to develop the child’s sense of competence, its awareness that others see what it does and what it is capable of. Our responses and attitudes are key: praising, sense of excitement, pride. Reinforcement. Without that there will be no social competence. No ability to have relationships, to ask for help. No real cooperation in the future. We are aware of all that. We cannot afford to be passive. We want our brand to strengthen us at the start of the 21st century.

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