Nad Tanwią Farm


Nad Tanwią Farm

  1. Established in 2003 on light, acidic soils – perfect for growing blueberries.
    180 ha area. The owners have over 40 years’ experience in growing blueberries.
  2. Environmentally pristine area in the vicinity of the Roztocze National Park and Puszcza Solska Landscape Park.
  3. Located at the Tanew river, one of the cleanest in Poland, in the corner of the Roztocze region that boasts the highest yearly average for sunny days.
  4. Our carefully selected varieties extend the harvest to last from July to September.
  5. The whole plantation runs on drip irrigation, using a system that minimizes water consumption and ensures precise fertilizer application.
  6. Expanding covered production ensures uninterrupted harvest during rain.
  7. Falconers are employed to protect blueberries from birds.
  8. Each team of pickers is served by 2 trailers for transporting berries to cut the time from harvest to initial cooling. Fruit is pre-cooled already during transport from the plantation to the sorting facility in refrigerated trucks
  9. Since 2006 we are GlobalG.A.P certified, as one of the first blueberry farms in Poland. We also have GRASP, Tesco Nurture and Leaf certificates.

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