Mateusz Pilch


Mateusz Pilch

Working in the industry since 1990. Plantation owner since 2008.
It all started when my father fell in love with blueberries in the USA and decided to plant them when he got back.
Passion and business milestones: 12 months of high school in the USA and later internships abroad, plus realizing how much fun it is to create something yourself.
Favourite maxim: ‘Impossible is what?’
Promoted principle: embrace the unfamiliar.
First time-tested idea: invest as much as you can.
First success: shipping fruit to Finland, where I used to work in a blue collar job.
First money: peanuts (figuratively speaking). Hail destroyed 90% of harvest. I learned a lot from that experience.
Greatest achievement and satisfaction: my daughters :)
A time-tested principle: embrace the unfamiliar.
Advice for young growers: be very patient.
My wishes for the Polish blueberry industry: to consolidate.
A blueberry dream: that children give up sweets for blueberries as this would be of great benefit for kids. Those things drove us to become involved with the development of the Berry Good brand
If not a grower… I wanted to organize hiking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for European tourists. But blueberries won out in the end ;)

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