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Thinking fresh. We work together as growers.
We share our knowledge and ideas
and promote a common brand.
This is working really well and
is the reason for our worldwide success.


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Our success is founded on the very values that underlie the Polish blueberry boom: openness, cooperation, knowledge sharing, learning from one another. As well as passion, ambition and belief in our abilities.

We draw on the experience of our parents, pioneers of blueberry cultivation, scientists in several fields, farmers, bee keepers, falconers. What we cannot provide on our own, we buy from the world’s top suppliers.

We know we were born at the right time and how much we owe to our parents. We want to share it with people, because that is the kind of world we want our children to live in.

To quote Adora Svitak: the world needs the childish approach: brave ideas, unbridled creativeness, and in particular – optimism. Adults should give their children’s dreams a chance. The first step in that direction should be to accept the fact that children really have something to teach adults.

Raising kids is the key to our future success. This is where we can actually make a difference in the way people think. It will never be more effective than at this age. Children should always be at the centre of our attention; they should be listened to rather than just seen. By talking and playing with children we should stimulate their imagination and creativity.

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